At SEASUN, we specialize in logistics services for vintage furniture and interior design. Our 360-degree online platform allows you to manage all your purchases from dealers, auctions, and online selling sites with a single click. SEASUN facilitates the entire journey from initial planning to final delivery.

Why work with us?

How we work and our core values


We have over 36 years of experience with shipping and logistics services in the furniture industry.


Excellence and quality are at the core of everything we do. We are always working on optimising our service and striving towards the best possible solutions for our customers and business partners.


We accept responsibility for our actions and aim to act with integrity and accountability for both our stakeholders and the public.


Honesty is probably our most important policy. Our aim is to be a trustworthy and reliable partner by always doing and delivering what we say we will.

Customer reviews

Our customers are our biggest commitment and most important priority. We always strive to meet their needs in a timely manner by being proactive, responsive, and service-minded. Read about some of our customer experiences below.

Working with you has worked out very well for me, and I will be happy to continue working together in the future. You have introduced a new level of efficiency to my business which I very much appreciate!

We just wanted to let you know that we received our second shipment and everything arrived safely. The packing was absolutely perfect. Everything was put together and packed so well. We incurred no damage whatsoever, so thank you for the attention, care, and detail that went into this one. We are beyond happy

Our container arrived yesterday. You guys did an amazing packing job! Thank you so much for that. Look forward to the next

Thanks for all your services. We’re extremely happy with this shipment and appreciate the efforts of everyone involved. Looking forward to the next