Peter Kristensen, Founder

About us

SEASUN was established in 1996 as a freight forwarding company specializing in Scandinavian furniture. Our accumulated experience dates back to 1986, specifically within the Scandinavian furniture business serving customers across the globe. Since our beginning, we have seen Scandinavian furniture newcomers evolve into renowned classics.

We find great inspiration in the extensive history and excellent quality that these unique pieces of furniture hold.

Our journey alongside our passion for the industry have made us market leaders within handling of vintage furniture.

Our customers and work process

Most often our customers are import businesses located overseas.

The vast majority of our customers source their products in the Scandinavian countries as well as some parts of Europe to complete a full container that will ultimately be shipped to wherever the customer is based.

During this process, SEASUN facilitates sourcing support, the pick up from any location, storage, packing and shipping, as well as all required documentation.

You can read more about our customers and ways of working under ‘Case Studies’.