Customer A

This customer from the USA wanted to start a new import business of Scandinavian vintage furniture.

They wanted sourcing mainly from online trading sites and auctions.

Within 2 months from initial contact, the customer was already at their 2nd full container of vintage furniture from Scandinavia. At SEASUN, we coordinated, managed, and handled every step of the way.

Customer B

from Japan wanted to start a new import business of Danish vintage design furniture.

With no past experience, they asked SEASUN to help source and control the purchases from multiple Danish dealers and sellers.

With the back-up of our smart online system, everything was easily managed and shipped.

Customer C

from Taiwan is an established importer of both high-end new Danish design furniture as well as high-end vintage furniture that is mainly sourced from auctions as well as dealers.

At SEASUN we coordinate everything and consolidate their containers with a mix of new and vintage furniture.

Customer D

from Canada started a small scale import business with a relatively small shipment of Danish vintage furniture.

We assisted the customer all the way and shipped their furniture in a tailor-made wooden box.

Since then, the customer has grown and is now shipping full containers with a mix of vintage furniture purchased from multiple sources.